Monday, January 3, 2011

Iranian Film Review: A Moment of Innnocence

I just watched this film last night by Iranian filmmaker Moshen Makhmalbaf and strongly recommend it. The premise, taken from the jacket cover, is a poetic and often comic reconstruction of an incident that dramatically affected the lives of two people...While making an earlier film, Makhmalbaf met up with a policemen in the Shah's regime, whom he had stabbed when seventeen years old, and served time for. Reunited, the policeman declared that he wanted to be an actor. The director used this reunion as a springboard.

I found the film artful, I liked how Makhlabaf played with time and reality. It encompasses themes of revenge (I think, and would like to hear your thoughts about this), redemption, the power of innocence---perhaps the reassurance that youth can rightly take a better path.

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